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Online Dating - Is it Time to Meet in Person
Jul 17, 2010

Most important thing before agreeing to go on a date with someone you met online is to ensure that there are no red flags. Below is a simple checklist that you can reference while you make this decision:

  • Make sure that you have exchanged at least a few emails before agreeing to go out on a date with someone. Its generally hard to hide our true character in repeat emails. If any comment made by the other person in any email raises a red flag do not just take it lightly and put some thought into it before deciding to proceed further.
  • If you know the name and address of the person, cross check against the list of convicted sex offenders in your county. This list should be available from you local government website.
  • Spend some time going through his / her profile. Most dating websites ask to fill up an 'About Me' section at the time of sign-up. This would most likely be the only qualitative section within the profile (since most profile questions tend to be objective / multiple-choice in nature). Reading this also gives a quick insight into how that other person thinks and what he / she is generally looking for in a relationship. Again look for sentences that raise red flags.
  • Use the chat feature available on the online dating websites. This should be the next step after email exchange and before a phone conversation or an actual date. Even a brief chat / instant message conversation allows you to check for compatibility and pick up the nuances in the process.
  • Encourage other person to take a compatibility match test online. Many websites such as offer such test. This also helps in tilting the odds towards a successful date later.

Hopefully, person you decide to meet after following this checklist will be as good in person as you imagined during those online conversations.