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Online Dating - Need For Patience
Jul 16, 2010

Often time, individuals sign up for online dating services without realizing the time commitment that is needed to actually get something out of it. Simply signing up at tens of websites will likely not be sufficient by itself in helping you find your dream guy / girl. Success in online dating like in anything else, takes time and needs a lot of patience.

This issue is more severe in case of free dating websites as people see little downside in putting their profile on multiple websites / initiating dialogue with multiple potential partners rather than really identifying who might fit best and working towards advancing that specific relationship.

In other words, people should approach online dating same way they approach it offline i.e. taking steps one at a time and allocating both time and resources to it to ascertain whether the other person a right match or not. Online matchmaking has an advantage of speed but it also has a drawback that its hard to judge the other person without observing their behavior in person or through repeated meetings.

Online Dating should be treated as only one of several options in your toolbox which can be as or more successful in finding a partner compared to the offline strategy if and only if you give it the same time and dedication as you would normally give to any relationship.

Understanding the virtue of patience is important as often time people stop trying and give up before they can find their ideal match. Having a little more faith in the process can help you achieve your desired outcome.